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September 16th, 2016 by J

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Maria Sharapova loves balls alright but she enjoys them too in cases like this. She gives her massive tits and fine ass to this horny guy and he takes care of them like trophies especially pleasuring Sharapova the moment she opens her legs and let him eat her up. Fingering her cunt makes her ultra wet and this makes every fuck action way more intense than her fishnet and leather getup.

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Maria Sharapova does extensive training before every game of tennis and this includes giving hot blowjobs. This leaked clip shows how she started her stretching ritual and ended up giving head, getting banged rough doggystyle, and taking a load of spunk in her pretty lil mouth. I bet you’ll never watch those tennis matches the same way again after seeing this.

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Tits and Tennis

June 16th, 2010 by LimaBean

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Maria Sharapova is hot!  She’s blonde, she’s powerful and she comes from Russia. She has been making  waves in the world of professional tennis for a couple of years now ever since she won the prestigious Wimbeldon tennis tournament at the nubile age of seventeen back in 2004. And ever since, she has been filling the minds of male tennis fans everywhere with lustful thoughts.

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One of the first thing you would notice about this tennis princess is her impressive stature, she’s over six feet tall. And all that action on the tennis court seems to keep her figure in shape.  Just check out her mouth-watering athletic body!

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These pictures just about blew away everybody.  Maria Sharapova sucking some lucky bastard’s cock!  And even better, Maria in a hot lesbian encounter with fellow Russian hottie Anna Kournikova!  What more can you ask for?  I guess she’s not only talented on the tennis court but also in the sack as well.  Oh yeah, you just made a lot of men ecstatic (and horny) Maria.  Thanks to these hardcore photos included in this post.  Check them out below!

In the first picture Maria shows her deepthroat skills as she sucks on this guy’s dick to the hilt.  Wait; is that part of a man’s thigh shown in the lower right part of the picture?  If it is then Maria’s into orgies as well!  Or at least she likes taking two cocks at once, the dirty slut.  Then the other photo features Maria getting her pussy fucked by Anna Kournikova and her massive red dildo while their tennis coach watches (and I bet, jerks off).  I guess this is how the Russian team bonds, eh?  That’s why they’re so good on the court because of their “close” relationship with each other.  I would sign up to be their errand boy the first chance I get.  Meanwhile, just enjoy the pics in this set but I’m sure you’ll be thirsting for more so why don’t you just click on this link to be redirected to the best online resource on Maria Sharapova and her horny antics off the court.  Be sure to browse the huge collection of nude images and videos available at the website.

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Just when I thought that she won’t get any kinkier, out comes these bondage shots that made an impact throughout the porn industry.  Here is Maria Sharapova herself, photographed in kinky bondage photos to satisfy even the most hardcore fetish lovers out there!  This is the stuff that up to now has lived only in the mind of some horny pervert.  Well, who wouldn’t be shocked with these photos?  Everybody knows that Maria Sharapova is the young Russian tennis star who makes it a point to preserve her clean image with the media.  This is just what makes all her horny male fans nuts.  And then these fetish pictures surface in the web and perverts all over the world are now rejoicing.  Check the thumbs below and click them for the full-sized image.

The first pic features Maria clad in a slutty leather outfit complete with stockings and fuck-me shoes.  Her hands are tied behind her back and her mouth is taped shut.  The other photo shows her in a short, school girl outfit and she’s similarly bound and gagged with her tits exposed.  She looks like she’s waiting for her master in both pictures.  And she looks like she’s willing to please and fulfill every wish in the pictures.  Maria, you naughty girl, you just made pervs very happy with these fetish pictures.  Get hot nude photos and videos of everybody’s favorite Russian poster girl only at Maria Sharapova Nude and I guarantee that you won’t get disappointed with what the site has to offer in terms of sexy content.

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Maria Sharapova once again gives us cause to celebrate with this small gallery of nude pictures.  Admire the Russian’s all-natural beauty with these stark-naked images of her posing in various settings.  She loves the outdoors so there’s one pic showing her totally nude out in the sun.  Her sweet young tits and pussy are on display for the entire world to see.  Then go ahead to some indoor photos of Maria once again posing fully nude.  Look at that shaved pussy nestled between her long legs looking so cute and yummy.  Add to that her young, perky tits and we’ve got the complete package all exposed and ready for anything.  She looks absolutely divine while posing nude on the couch and smiling beautifully at the camera, huh?

This is a side that not one of her fans has seen before.  This is Maria Sharapova stripped of all the glamour.  Just Maria in her birthday suit and I tell you, she still looks gorgeous, if not even better, than when she poses for glamour shots dressed in classy gowns and stuff.  Before you do anything else, be sure to check out all the nude pictures and videos available at and download everything that strikes your fancy.

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This would be the dream picture of all the paparazzi out there: Maria Sharapova’s pussy displayed in all its natural beauty.  Well, to save them the trouble of sneaking in a shot, Maria herself posed in these explicit photos and spread her long legs so that we can take a good look at her yummy little twat.  Hmmm, I can just imagine tasting that succulent Russian dish.  I bet her pussy juice tastes sweet.  This green-eyed beauty definitely knows how to make men horny as she teases with these pictures.  She’s also playing with her pussy using her favorite red vibrator which she never forgets to bring during the women’s professional tennis tour.  For Maria, nothing beats relaxing with a dildo after a tiring day of kicking somebody’s ass at the tennis court!  Alright pervs, download these steamy images while they’re still hot and click the link for more Maria Sharapova Nude images and videos!

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Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova gives us an early Christmas present with these glorious shots of her goodies.  She’s not shy at all in exposing her tits, pussy and ass in front of the camera.  I guess she’s very used to the idea of being in the center of attention with her years playing tennis.  Boy, she sure looks great with her tits and ass on display huh?  Maria is definitely yummy even when she’s dressed in her sexy tennis outfits.  What more if you can actually see her totally nude just like in the pictures available below.  Click on the thumbs to get the full-sized images.  If you want more naughty pictures of the “Siberian Siren”, then simply follow this link and get treated to a ton of nude pictures and movies of this tennis babe.